White Sox News: Gavin Sheets just wants to help the team win

Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox
Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

There are a lot of options for the Chicago White Sox lineup this year. The Guys need to stay healthy and bounce back following that disaster of a 2022 season as they could really be a good deep team if they do. After signing Elvis Andrus, there seems to be a good player at every position.

The pitching staff needs to improve a little bit but so does every team in the league. You can, unless another move is made, expect Yasmani Grandal and Seby Zavala to be the catchers.

The infield is going to be made up of Andrew Vaughn, Elvis Andrus, Tim Anderson, and Yoan Moncada when everyone is healthy.

In the outfield, Andrew Benintendi, Luis Robert Jr., and Oscar Colas are seen as the guys out there. If all are healthy and playing to their potential, this can be a solid group of position players.

The Chicago White Sox have a lot of options around the diamond.

That leaves guys like Gavin Sheets, Leury Garcia, and Romy Gonzalez as potential backups for certain spots on the diamond.

In the case of Gavin Sheets, he can play first base and either of the corner outfield positions. He is also a very good power hitter that can change a game with one swing every now and again.

On Monday, the first day with position players reported, he was asked about not having a set position to start the year. He responded by saying that his goal is to be in the lineup regardless of where he plays. He just wants to help this team win.

That is what White Sox fans want to hear from a player like Gavin Sheets. He can bring a lot to the table to help this team win.

If he gets himself into the lineup a lot this year, that means he is playing very well and will help the team win which is what he wants.

Based on this quote from Sheets, it sounds like he is more than aware of the narrative surrounding the team this year. He is itching to prove people wrong which is great. There won't be any negativity surrounding the team if they play well and win more than they lose.

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