White Sox News: It is time to see Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani

Toronto Blue Jays v Los Angeles Angels
Toronto Blue Jays v Los Angeles Angels / Harry How/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox just came off a bad series against the Detroit Tigers. They lost three of four to them and now they have to rebound again. It is annoying because they were just playing so well before that series began.

That seems to be the story of 2023. Well, now it is on to the next chapter of the season. The Los Angeles Angels are coming to Chicago where they will battle the White Sox. At 28-26, they are in fourth place in the American League West.

That is a few spots lower than they were but they have lost three in a row. Like the White Sox, they will be looking to bounce back a little bit. Hopefully, the home team just has a tad bit more success with that.

There is one thing that makes this series incredibly hard and that is facing the dynamic duo of Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout. Of course, these are two of the best players to ever put on a Major League Baseball uniform.

The Chicago White Sox will see Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout.

We get to see their talents on display in this series. Unfortunately, Ohtani is not scheduled to pitch in this series for the Angels. We will certainly, however, see both he and Mike Trout on a regular basis in the batter's box. It should be a treat to watch all series long.

Michael Kopech, Lucas Giolito, and Lance Lynn are scheduled to face this dynamic duo in addition to a pretty good Angels lineup. The bullpen's role is just as important here as well.

Obviously, Ohtani and Trout are going to draw most of the attention. They deserve the spotlight as they have delivered with the expectations as well as anyone ever.

There is something special about them coming to the south side so it should be fun. There will likely be more people there for this series than your average series on early weekdays.

Although we don't want Ohtani or Trout to play too well against the White Sox, watching them compete is always a true blast. We'll see how well manager Pedro Grifol goes about this series.

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