White Sox News: Jason Benetti and Steve stone are back

Cleveland Indians v Chicago White Sox
Cleveland Indians v Chicago White Sox / Ron Vesely/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are in a tough spot with their team to some degree. They have some issues that need to be figured out for a lot of reasons and 2023 is going to be very telling in a lot of different ways.

However, they will be fun to watch because of the fact that Steve Stone and Jason Benetti will be calling their games.

The White Sox announced on Thursday that they will each be brought back in 2023. They picked up the multiyear option with Benetti who is entering his 8th season in the booth for the White Sox. Stone is getting a multiyear extension with the team as he enters his 16th season in their broadcast booth.

Obviously, these two have tremendous chemistry with each other. They get along and make the game very pleasurable to listen to. Some people might not like the banter that they have but it does seem to make most people happy.

The White Sox are lucky to have two outstanding broadcasters like this.

From their little sayings, good breakdown of baseball, and singing fun jingles, everyone is better for having these two in their lives. It should be a lot of fun hearing them describe this very uncertain 2023 team that has a lot to play for.

Stone was obviously in the league for a long time including a season in which he won the Cy Young Award. He has since become a very prominent broadcaster in the game including time with both the Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs. He has had a lot of legendary partners.

Benetti is hoping to become one of those legendary partners as he is just becoming known as one of the best announcers in sports. It isn't just baseball. He is very good at this in every sport and we have started to see it more and more as the years go along. The White Sox are so lucky to have this guy.

We don't know the extended future of Stone in the booth but they should be looking to make Benetti one of those broadcasters that stays for multiple decades. He is that good. Getting them good to go for this year is a great start. Hopefully, the team makes their calls even better.

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