White Sox News: Jazz Chisholm Jr might be available to trade for now

Colorado Rockies v Miami Marlins
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The Chicago White Sox really need some help at second base. Romy Gonzalez and Lenyn Sosa are supposed to be the guys in 2023 but that isn't good enough. They already missed out on some good players that they should have considered and now there are slim pickings left on the free-agent list.

One of the people that they let slip away is Jean Segura who signed a two-year deal with the Miami Marlins. It is a strange team for him to consider but it is also strange for the Miami Marlins because of the way that their roster is constructed. That news makes you wonder about a certain player.

He was hurt a lot in 2022 but Jazz Chisholm Jr. is one of the best second basemen in the National League. Is he available via a trade? His name has been in rumors in the past but now it seems like they might have signed his short-term replacement as the team rebuilds.

In addition to being a fantastic baseball player, Jazz is also electric. He makes watching the game fun as much as any player in the league. Pairing him up with a guy like Tim Anderson in the middle of the infield would make them so much better. These two would thrive together.

The Chicago White Sox would love to add Jazz Chisholm Jr for 2023.

Health is someone is a concern but that is pretty much a concern with everyone on the White Sox going into 2023. Unlike most players, however, Jazz was absolutely elite before going down with the injury. He loves winning and will help whatever his team is in the long term.

The Chicago White Sox should consider him for all of those on and off-the-field reasons. He also has family ties to the Chicagoland area so it would be perfect for him. This type of trade should be a no-brainer if this new Miami Marlins signing made Chisholm Jr. available.

What would a trade like this look like? That is something to start thinking about because this is something that the White Sox need to be considering. Few players would fit the needs of this team more right now. It would be so cool to see the White Sox make a move like this one.

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