White Sox News: Jerry Reinsdorf is even more clueless than we thought

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox / David Banks/GettyImages

On Tuesday, the Chicago White Sox made a boneheaded decision. They hired Chris Getz to replace Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams as the General Manager and Senior Vice President. 

They also had a press conference that did not go well. We’ve seen instances (Pedro Grifol) where someone wins a press conference but is bad once the show gets going but they couldn’t even win a press conference here. 

Chris Getz spoke and he wasn’t instilling any confidence that he is going to do a good job but actions are louder than words anyway. He is already taking over a sinking ship and it is not even really his fault. 

As for Jerry Reinsdorf, his words infuriated all White Sox fans as they should. He makes it seem like things are going to turn around quickly with Getz and he didn’t even need to interview anybody else. 

Jerry Reinsdorf did a terrible job with his presser on Thursday.

This man is very out of touch with Major League Baseball’s needs for success in the year 2023 which is sad because the White Sox just won’t win while he is in charge. You’d think that someone close to him would say something but clearly nobody does. 

He made comments about how Chris Getz has full control of everything except money which kind of feels like Jerry trolling everyone at this point. It is a shame that it got to this. 

To be honest, this feels worse than when Kenny Williams and Rick Hahn were in charge. It felt like a happy time when they were fired but it has turned into a nightmare. 

At this point, we have to hope that Chris Getz can be lucky and can be successful. It feels like he has no shot, especially with Jerry as the owner but he must overcome that. 

There are some difficult times ahead, but that much is clear. Jerry Reinsdorf is going to make sure of that. He made a fool of himself at his presser and that’s that. 

For now, we just have to wait for the White Sox to get through this month. Once that nightmare is over, we will see how this team goes through the off-season.

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