White Sox News: Lance Lynn is pitching for Team USA on Monday night

Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins
Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins / David Berding/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox had a spring training off-day in terms of an exhibition game on Monday. This is the final off-day of spring training which means we are getting close.

The next time they have an off-day is the day after the final spring game and the day before Opening Day in Houston.

The off-day on Monday though doesn't mean there isn't action though. The World Baseball Classic is going on right now and Team USA is getting ready to play its third game.

They will be taking on Team Canada and Lance Lynn will be on the mound for Team USA. It is going to be very cool to see our guy on the mound on the biggest stage for the home country.

The White Sox know how good Lance Lynn can be on the big stage.

Lynn has been very successful in spring training so far. He is going to be looking to help this team bounce back from the beating that they took from Team Mexico on Sunday night.

White Sox fans know that Lynn pitches with an attitude that helps him pump out strikes and get batters out. He doesn't handle losing well and he is obsessed with being better than his opponent. We can only hope that he shows that to the country in this matchup.

With the pitch count in this tournament, they will need more than just Lynn to step up. However, in a tournament like this, setting the tone is very important.

Team USA has a starting lineup that can take advantage of Canadian pitching because they are so loaded. White Sox star Tim Anderson was their best hitter against Mexico but we don't even know if he will be in the lineup yet.

Kendall Graveman is also there and you'd think he is available as he only needed to get one batter out on Sunday night. He didn't even come close to a pitch count.

Lynn, if all goes well, can lead this team to victory. After the loss to Mexico, they might need some help to advance if they aren't perfect so they want to win this game.

If they weren't upset one night prior, Lynn would be pitching in a less pressure-filled situation but sometimes he is better in games like this.

Canada is a much weaker team than Team USA but as we learned on Sunday night, they need to give it their all or they will lose. You know you'll get that from Lynn on the mound in a big game like this.

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