White Sox News: Liam Hendriks reveals outstanding news ahead of home opener

Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins
Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins / David Berding/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox opened their home schedule on Monday with a tilt against the San Francisco Giants. Everyone was excited to see what the White Sox can do at home but things were put into perspective right before the game started.

As Michael Kopech was making his final warmup pitches before the game started, It was thrown to the big screen where a special message was played on it.

It was Liam Hendriks. Of course, the crowd went crazy as everyone knows that he is away treating cancer. In the video message, he said something that should make everyone extremely happy for him.

He announced that he was getting his final treatment of chemotherapy on the day of the White Sox home opener. He also wanted to make it clear that he will be seeing everyone at the ballpark very soon.

Liam Hendriks gave Chicago White Sox fans something to hope for.

That is as good of news as anyone would want to hear. It was a win for the White Sox before a single pitch was thrown in the game. The day Liam Hendriks returns will be unlike any day at the ballpark ever.

Humanity needs Liam Hendriks. As good of a closing pitcher as he is, he is an even better human being. He was given this challenge to deal with and has done as well with it as he can.

When you get angry about baseball or anything in life, Liam Hendriks can provide proof that things are never as bad as they seem. His story is one that won’t soon be forgotten.

On the baseball side of things, Hendriks is sorely missed as well. Although it is the second most important thing, it will be awesome to see him back. He is as good of a closer as there is in the game right now so the Chicago White Sox will be missing him until he returns.

Getting that kind of news before the game will help anyone feel better heading into the rest of their week. Hopefully, Liam Hendriks gets back to full health soon and gets back to doing what he is best at.

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