White Sox News: Lots of international free agents are signed

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox made some news on Sunday as it came out that they have signed Juan Uribe Jr to join their organization. Of course, he is the son of former White Sox shortstop and 2005 World Series Champion Juan Uribe.

Uribe Jr., like his dad, is a shortstop. He is not a top-50 international prospect but he is someone that has enough talent and pedigree to become a good professional player. The White Sox are going to do what they can to develop him.

The even better news is that Uribe Jr. isn't the only international prospect that the White Sox have signed so far. They made seven total signings which is a lot. They have been good at this which is one of the few things they have been good at during this recent era of the rebuild.

Luis Reyes, Denny Lima, Abraham Nunez, Albert Alberto, D'Angelo Tejada, and Rafael Alvarez are the other six players that the White Sox have signed. There is a nice mix of pitchers, infielders, and outfielders in there. This is a group that they'd like to see develop well.

The White Sox have signed some pretty good international players.

Of those players, including Juan Uribe Jr, Luis Reyes is seen as the best of them at this time. He is the only one ranked in the top 50 international prospects of this class at number 41. He is also the number four-ranked pitcher so you know that he has some really good stuff.

Reyes is getting 700,000 dollars for this deal at 17 years old which certainly isn't bad at all. It is exciting to think about what he might be able to develop into over the upcoming years in the White Sox system.

It is possible that the coming weeks provide the White Sox with more signings out of the international free agent prospect pool. We know that Rick Hahn and his staff are all over this part of the game when it comes to bringing new players in.

This is a franchise that has done well there with multiple players on their current rosters reaching the league the exact same way. Hopefully, multiple players here are helpful over the course of their careers.

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