White Sox News: Lucas Giolito will not be pitching during the next series

Does Giolito not pitching in the White Sox's next series mean he may be on another team shortly?
Chicago White Sox v Seattle Mariners
Chicago White Sox v Seattle Mariners / Alika Jenner/GettyImages

Lucas Giolito has had a productive bounce-back season in 2023, so much so that trade talks/rumors have been emerging.

Giolito has a 3.45 ERA this season with 117 strikeouts in 112.1 innings pitched. Comparing his season to everyone else in the White Sox starting rotation, it's safe to say he has regained his position as the ace on the south side of Chicago.

With his contract coming to an end after this season, the White Sox have decisions to make, and based on recent rumors, the most likely solution is going to be trading the right-handed pitcher.

The White Sox aren't willing to extend him even though Giolito himself has stated that he wants to stay in Chicago.

Regardless of what the fans and Giolito want, it's obviously up to the organization to make the final call. The Los Angeles Dodgers have been the most recent linked name to Giolito and fans should expect the White Sox to make a move soon.

The Chicago White Sox may not have Lucas Giolito for much longer.

The White Sox not giving Giolito a start in Atlanta may be giving all White Sox fans an easter egg that the move may be happening in a matter of days.

Although it's not his turn in the rotation, if they are basing it off where they ended the first half of the season, most clubs return to their top-to-bottom rotation after the all-star break.

Most people would think of Pedro Grifol to start Giolito after a week of rest against the Atlanta Braves, who are the best team in the National League. It's a bit of a shock that he isn't at least starting one of the games and there's a high chance it's because the organization told Grifol not to.

Reports all season long have made it very clear that the White Sox will not look to return Giolito and it's now slowly starting to all unfold.

Giolito still has prime years ahead of him, so the White Sox need to make it to the best of their abilities to find the right guys in return. The Dodgers have an abundance of players to work with.

As for the White Sox and their series against the Braves, it will be Michael Kopech, Lance Lynn, and Dylan Cease taking the mound while Giolito will watch and observe, knowing a trade is likely coming.

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