White Sox News: Mark Buehrle's Hall of Fame case, Devers signs, and more

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For a few weeks, Pro Baseball Hall of Fame ballots have been going public for people who have votes and wish to make them public.

One name that has appeared more than expected so far is Mark Buehrle. He is well deserving of a Hall of Fame nod in a lot of ways but not everyone sees it that way. White Sox fans know just how good he was.

The Baseball Hall of Fame, more than any other sport, is so subjective because of the steroid era. Does Mark Buehrle get extra love for being so dominant while clean, although not as dominant as some guys who probably weren't clean?

He is probably not going to get the nod in the end but he will certainly get the five percent needed to stay on the ballot for another year. He has a very compelling case and it is good to see more people voting for him.

Major League Baseball news has been plentiful so far this week.

Devers avoids arbitration:

Rafael Devers is one of the best third basemen in the world. He is well deserving of a lucrative and long contract extension but the Boston Red Sox haven't given it to him yet.

People are skeptical that they will because of how things went with Mookie Betts and Xander Bogaerts but also hopeful that the third time will be the charm when it comes to Devers.

On Tuesday, it was announced that Devers and the Red Sox are avoiding arbitration with a one-year deal for 2023.

That is good because it means that the two sides are talking but Red Sox fans would probably like to see a deal get done soon. If not, you never know if he ends up getting traded.

Other MLB News:

There was a trade within the division on Tuesday. The Kansas City Royals traded Ryan O'Hearn to the Baltimore Orioles in exchange for cash considerations.

Dom Smith also signed a one-year deal with the Washington Nationals. This deal is worth two million dollars as he tries to bounce back and have a solid year on a team with no pressure.

The White Sox still haven't made the Andrew Benintendi signing official yet so we will await the status of that as well. It should be coming soon. Hopefully, another move or two is made as well to better the team's chances of winning.

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