White Sox News: Rafael Devers is off the trade block for now

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The Chicago White Sox have a recent trade history with the Boston Red Sox. They have made some big ones and some small ones but these two teams always seem to have contact with each other.

However, it is hard to think about the Chicago White Sox ever acquiring a player as elite as Rafael Devers. They don't make smart decisions or spend big money as often as they should.

Devers was seen as available by some people because of his contract situation with the Red Sox. Of course, he is one of the great third basemen in this league that will be highly coveted by everyone if he does ever in fact become available.

For now, however, it doesn't sound like that is going to be the case. Jeff Passan of ESPN has reported that the Boston Red Sox and Rafael Devers have avoided arbitration with a one-year deal worth 17.5 million dollars. That is great news for them as it makes it obvious that the two sides are talking.

Rafael Devers has signed a one year deal with the Boston Red Sox.

There is skepticism surrounding his long-term status because of the way that the Red Sox have handled Xander Bogaerts and Mookie Betts in recent history. Maybe the third time is actually the charm in this situation. The Red Sox made the deal official as well.

Obviously, this saga is not over. He is only signed now for one year which is this upcoming season. There is still the aforementioned long-term extension to worry about. Until then, teams are going to wonder what it might take to land someone like that.

Again, the White Sox are unlikely but he would be an amazing fit. They'd be able to move off Yoan Moncada who just hasn't been that good and put in Devers who would be an immediate upgrade. The rest of the infield and batting order would drastically improve.

Regardless, this news that broke on Tuesday is huge across baseball as this was becoming one of the league's top stories as we head into the second half of the 2022-23 MLB off-season. It will be interesting to see how both sides respond to this deal.

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