White Sox News: Michael Conforto is getting a contract that Chicago could have given

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It has been obvious that the Chicago White Sox should consider signing Michael Conforto since the end of the 2021 season. He is a great outfielder that has had some truly sensational seasons in Major League Baseball so far.

The White Sox might have considered him multiple times but it never came to light. He missed the entire 2022 season without ever signing with a team thanks to an injury. He is now back and ready for 2022 where he hopes to make a big impact in the league again.

Chicago fully plans on having Oscar Colas be the guy in right field which is a risk because of the fact that he has no prior experience playing in the best baseball league in the world. Having someone like Conforto there to help him would obviously be a smart decision.

Unfortunately, that won't be the case as he is headed to the Bay Area to play for the San Francisco Giants. It is a 36-million-dollar deal for two years. He is set to make 18 million dollars in 2023 and 2023. He can opt-out after 2023 if he reaches 350 plate appearances.

The Chicago White Sox missed out on Michael Conforto this off-season.

This is a great deal for both the Giants and Conforto coming off a missed season. This is absolutely something that the Chicago White Sox could have done but chose not to. He would have fit perfectly with the White Sox at this point in time.

If they had Conforto with Andrew Benintendi and Luis Robert, the outfield would be great. He would also be perfect for this batting order right in the middle. With him on a short-term deal, it would be perfect as the properly develop Colas into the full-time guy in right field.

These are things that smart teams across the league do in order to be successful. It would help them in the short term and the long term which is always what you want with most of the moves that you make.

Conforto is going to go to the Giants and have a lot of success while the White Sox are just hoping the rookie is good.

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