White Sox News: MLB Network named Tim Anderson a top ten shortstop

Chicago White Sox v Texas Rangers
Chicago White Sox v Texas Rangers / Tim Heitman/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are a team loaded with talent and they aren't getting respect right now from anyone because of how 2022 went. A lot of the players there that had mediocre years last year are looking to bounce back this year and there are reasons to believe they will.

One of those players to have confidence in is Tim Anderson who has been one of the best players on the team since 2019. He injured himself in 2022 and that took him away for the second half of the season.

He was having a slightly down year for his standards but he was still the American League's starting shortstop in the All-Star Game. The team also just wasn't the same from the second he left and he didn't return because of the fact that the team was too far out of contention when he was ready.

Now, coming into 2023, he is going to be hungry to play well for a variety of reasons. The team wasn't good, he can be better, and there is a lot of pressure for everyone to perform well coming off that dreadful year. This is a big second chance for all.

The Chicago White Sox are lucky to have Tim Anderson on their team.

On Thursday night, the MLB Network released its list of the top 10 shortstops in the entire league. It was good to see that Tim Anderson made it as the number nine shortstop in the league. Wander Franco of the Tampa Bay Rays rounded out the list at number ten.

Trea Turner was the league's number-one shortstop on this list. He is getting ready for a big season with his new team in the Philadelphia Phillies. Number two on the list is Carlos Correa who the White Sox will see plenty of going forward with the Minnesota Twins.

Xander Bogaerts rounds out the top three as he is headed to a new team as well. The Boston Red Sox didn't want to pay him so he is off to the San Diego Padres on a rather large contract.

Corey Seager, Francisco Lindor, Dansby Swanson, Bo Bichette, and Willy Adames are the other players on the list ahead of Anderson. This is a fantastic group of shortstops. 4-10 on the list can be subjective but they pretty much said all of the best players at that position.

Of course, we would like to see Anderson on this list even higher again coming into the 2024 season but there is some work to be done. We can only hope that a really big year is in store for number seven.

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