White Sox News: An old friend had a shockingly great start

Pittsburgh Pirates v Minnesota Twins
Pittsburgh Pirates v Minnesota Twins / David Berding/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox have had plenty of players come and go without working out well for them. That is a big reason for the rebuild failing the way that it has. 

One player at the forefront of that conversation is Dallas Keuchel. He was brought in to help them at the top of their rotation and he didn’t do that outside of the shortened 2020 season. 

Despite winning the AL Central Division in 2021, Dallas Keuchel just didn’t have his best stuff. He didn’t even make it onto the playoff roster because he was falling off so hard. 

It didn’t take the White Sox long to DFA him in 2022 after another horrid start to the season. He bounced around multiple different teams from that point on. 

Dallas Keuchel is still trying to pitch in Major League Baseball right now.

Now, he has landed with the Minnesota Twins. Coming into his start on Sunday, he had made two starts with the Twins this season.

It was in this start on Sunday that baseball showed how magical and random it could be. He threw six innings of perfect baseball before giving up his first hit in the seventh inning.

Of course, with a pitching performance like that, it gives his team a chance to win and of course they did. They won the game by a final score of 2-0.

Minnesota has a record of 65-60 which isn't incredible but it is good enough for a 6.0 game lead in the AL Central Division.

Keuchel, if he can just pitch well for the rest of the season, could be someone that helps them in their quest for a division title.

He isn't the guy that won the World Series or Cy Young Award with the Houston Astros all of those years ago but he is still a guy that can have a quality start every now and again.

This was his first great appearance in a really long time so his confidence could be growing as a result. The White Sox desperately needed to let him go but it wasn't fun seeing him pitch this well with a division rival. We'll see what the future holds for him.

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