White Sox News: Ozzie Guillen makes bold comments about Tim Anderson

Chicago White Sox v Los Angeles Dodgers
Chicago White Sox v Los Angeles Dodgers / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

The Tim Anderson story with the Chicago White Sox has been very up and down. He has been an elite player in his career but this year has been nothing short of a struggle.

He isn't known for being much of a power hitter but even his contact numbers are down. At this point in time, he probably shouldn't even be the leadoff hitter in the lineup.

He also isn't playing outstanding defensive shortstop so his value to the team in the long term is somewhat in question.

Anderson has already admitted that he is cool with whatever the outcome of his future is. He is fine if he stays and he is cool if he doesn't.

The Chicago White Sox and Tim Anderson are going through it right now.

One person, Ozzie Guillen, had an opinion to share about this whole thing. Of course, people respect the thoughts of the World Series winning manager as they should.

Guillen believes that Anderson would be better suited with a change of scenery. Those are some very interesting thoughts from the only living person that has managed the White Sox to a World Series victory.

That very well might be true. Maybe if Tim were to be traded away, he would get that fire under him that he once had.

He might also lose the fanbase that knows most of his off-the-field stuff. A new team would embrace him for the elite player that he is and he might thrive.

That theory also could be wrong. He could go to another team and see his decline continue. It may also depend on which team it is that trades for him.

He'd be a great fit on the team that they are currently playing in the Los Angeles Dodgers. You just never know.

Obviously, the best outcome would be the White Sox and Anderson coming to a deal and him returning to a high level of play. That would be the best thing for the organization.

Ozzie Guillen might be right here but we can only hope that he is wrong because having Anderson on his good days can be a true joy. Hopefully, regardless of what happens, it allows the White Sox to get back to contender status.

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