White Sox News: This Twitter graphic is some of their best work

Chicago White Sox v Detroit Tigers
Chicago White Sox v Detroit Tigers / Mark Cunningham/GettyImages

It is finally the new year. 2023 is upon us. For Chicago White Sox fans, they are hoping that it is much better than 2022 which was incredibly disappointing. With a new manager, new players, and a fresh start, the hope is that they are healthy and consistent.

One thing that has been good despite all of the struggles on the field has been their social media team. They are the second team in the second city but few teams deliver content as well as the White Sox. They showed that on New Year's Day with a post about the new year.

They posted a picture that featured Tim Anderson, Luis Robert, and Dylan Cease dressed in a Chicago Bulls version of a White Sox jersey and captioned it "Jordan Year" with the number 23. Of course, 23 was made famous by Michael Jordan who spent most of his career with the Bulls.

Jordan is widely considered the greatest basketball player who ever lived and one of the greatest athletes of all time. He was truly a superstar that got to play in our city. He even played for the White Sox organization when he took a break from basketball to play baseball.

The Chicago White Sox had some of their best social media this week.

The Bulls and White Sox are owned by Jerry Reinsdorf so they will always have that connection. They may not share an owner forever but they will always be linked because of these relationships that they've had over the years.

These concept Bulls baseball jerseys are incredible. The White Sox should seriously consider finding a way to make these a reality for certain games. It would pay great honor to that historic franchise and Michael Jordan in the year of his number.

Using the three players that they did tells a lot too. Cease, Anderson, and Robert are the three faces of the franchise and the team needs them to be successful in order to win. Hopefully, they are healthy in 2023 and play well because it would really give this team a chance to win.

It is always nice when the team does cool stuff like this because it gets fans more involved. Lots of people enjoyed this tweet and would like to see more. This was some of their best work.

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