White Sox News: This report about a sale is interesting

Oakland Athletics v Chicago White Sox
Oakland Athletics v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are a joke on the field. It is a complete clown show at 35th and Shields. At 49-76, they have no chance of making it to the playoffs.

Everybody, and that means absolutely everybody, should be fired. Nobody has done their job well enough to come back next year. That even includes most of the players that had so much hype.

However, although changes may help for a little while, they need a new owner. Things won't work for this team as long as Jerry Reinsdorf is in charge.

On Monday night, things went crazy in Chicago White Sox land because of this report that came out about Reinsdorf selling the team and possibly seeing them relocate to Nashville.

The Chicago White Sox need to get a lot of things figured out.

The report comes from Greg Hinz of Crain's Chicago Business ($). Of course, there is a high likelihood that the team is sold but seeing them be relocated just doesn't calculate.

These threats have been heard by White Sox fans before with Jerry Reinsdorf. Luckily, the team has remained in Chicago for all this time.

As one of the teams that helped invent the American League, they should be around in Chicago forever. Even talking about them moving is horrible.

This team also has a cultural significance and leaving Chicago would be a great way to ruin it all. This must never happen.

What does need to happen, however, is Jerry Reinsdorf needs to sell. The team needs to go to someone that has intentions of keeping them on the south side of our great city.

Reinsdorf is also the owner of the Chicago Bulls and they have had even less success than the White Sox since 2000.

It is unclear who the next owners are going to be but the Sox need someone that can take advantage of this market. There is no reason for the Chicago team to be always behind teams from smaller markets.

Again, we can only hope that the team is sold but stays in Chicago. They would lose so many people of the latter ended up going against us fans.

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