White Sox News: Romy Gonzalez deserves credit for his play lately

Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Guardians
Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Guardians / Ron Schwane/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox have been doing some winning lately. They are 7-3 in their last ten which has made the division title seem a little bit more in reach.

Part of the reason that they have done so well lately has been the fact that they have been getting contributions from everyone.

There really haven't been many passengers over this little stretch that has seen them start to crawl back into things.

One player who has been outstanding lately has been Romy Gonzalez. He played a very big role in helping the White Sox take a series from the Cleveland Guardians (their second series win over them in the last two weeks).

Romy Gonzalez has been very good for the Chicago White Sox recently.

Over the last four games, he has been on fire as shown in the tweet above. That type of offensive performance will help any team win if it is coming from the depths of the lineup.

The White Sox signed Elvis Andrus late in the offseason to play second base. He had a good ending when he latched onto them in August but things have not gone well this year for the veteran.

Andrus playing second base is also him out of position as he is a shortstop naturally. At this point, when he returns from injury, it would still be better to use Gonzalez who is younger and has a higher ceiling.

If this is what it takes for him to develop, that is a good thing. It isn't going to be perfect for the rest of the year but he is helping the team win right now. Unless things get really bad, they should be using him as the second baseman as often as they can.

If some of the other players around him also continue to contribute, they could keep the winning going. If that happens, they could find a way to win a stinky division loaded with a bunch of mid (or bad) teams.

Whatever Romy Gonzalez is doing to better himself right now, he needs to keep doing it and Pedro Grifol needs to keep taking advantage of it so he can win some games.

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