White Sox News: Scary incident injures fans outside stadium

Philadelphia Phillies v Chicago White Sox
Philadelphia Phillies v Chicago White Sox / David Banks/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox were getting ready for a game on Tuesday night against the Texas Rangers. It seemed like a nice Tuesday evening for everyone but some people had their lives impacted.

There was a hit-and-run collision outside of Guaranteed Rate Field ahead of the game and four fans were injured. Obviously, that is an incredibly scary sight for everyone involved.

All four of the folks injured because of these actions are in rough shape. Two of them are said to be in serious condition while the other two are in critical condition. That is not what you want to hear after a story like this.

One of the four people held onto the care as it fled the scene. Obviously, that was a very brave thing to do as the car made it all the way to the Dan Ryan before an ambulance stopped them.

The Chicago White Sox had a disturbing incident happen on Tuesday.

All of the people injured by this incident were sent to a local hospital to be taken care of. Obviously, we wish them nothing but the best.

A wild part of the story is that the driver and three people also in the car also needed medical attention. They were found a few blocks away from Guaranteed Rate Field.

The White Sox made a statement on social media sending their hearts out to the people injured, their family and friends, and all of those who took a stand to help with the situation.

They thanked the fire department, police department, Illinois state police, and all the fans who helped the victims out in this time of need.

It is never fun to hear about these kinds of incidents. Sports are supposed to be a safe place for us all to enjoy it. Hopefully, everybody involved, especially those injured, are able to return home to those they love in short order.

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