White Sox News: Seeing the San Diego Padres land Johnny Cueto would be no fun

Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins
Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins / David Berding/GettyImages

Our Robert Murray of Fansided was the one who reported that the San Diego Padres are among the teams trying to land Johnny Cueto right now.

That is something that would be so hard for Chicago White Sox fans to deal with because the Padres literally get whatever they want (or so it seems).

Having an interest in Johnny Cueto is obviously a smart idea after watching him pitch for the White Sox in 2022.

He was the second-best pitcher on the entire staff all year long and easily one of the "comeback player of the year" types this season.

Johnny Cueto is going to bring the goods to whoever his next team is.

If it weren't for a Cy Young runner up type of year for Dylan Cease, Cueto would have been the best pitcher on the team. It was marvelous to watch him pitch all year long.

He deserves whatever contract he is going to get but it would be painful to see it be with the San Diego Padres. Although that would mean he doesn't have to play for an American League foe, it would mean that the Padres get another thing the White Sox need more.

We know Cueto isn't coming back but they could probably use him back despite having five righties in the rotation already.

The Padres already have Fernando Tatis Jr who they got from the White Sox in the horrible James Shields trade. Despite Tatis's struggles off the field, he is still an elite baseball player that would look amazing with the White Sox right now.

They also have Manny Machado who the White Sox went hard after. It was feeling like a foregone conclusion that he would be with the White Sox but he ended up going with the Padres in the late stages of free agency that year.

The White Sox signed Yonder Alonso and Jon Jay who had ties with Machado just to try and convince him to come but it didn't work. It was a bad time for the White Sox as it made them look terrible.

The Padres just seem to beat the White Sox to everything. One day, the tides might turn but they do everything that the White Sox should be doing in a much lesser market.

Landing Machado, Juan Soto, Blake Snell, Yu Darvish, and many others has made them a contender. Whenever a big name is in the mix to change teams, the Padres always come up as a possible landing spot just as they are right now with Cueto. The White Sox should take notes.

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