White Sox News: A strange new hire was made on Thursday

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The Chicago White Sox have gone through more change this year than they have in years. It all stemmed from the fact that they were one of the worst organizations in all of baseball in 2023. The players were bad and everyone in charge of the team was bad as well.

Throughout the season, the team got worse and worse. Things reached new heights after the trade deadline. Both Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams were fired as the team GM and President. After a long time of having those roles with no success, they were finally removed.

Without much of a search, they hired Chris Getz to be the new General Manager and President. He took over both roles and is completely in charge of baseball operations. Of course, he came from being the head of player development in the organization.

A lot of people didn't think he was qualified to be in his former job which would make him even less qualified to be in this new role. Well, it is what it is as White Sox fans just have to hope that he doesn't turn out to be as much of a disaster as it seems.

The Chicago White Sox continue to make bad decision after bad decision.

Getz didn't even really have the minor league system going that well. Part of it is because of bad drafting and trading but they were one of the worst farm systems in the league at the time of his departure. Now, that guy is in charge of everything. It is a wild move by the White Sox.

We all knew that Getz's former job would need a replacement eventually. That decision was announced on Thursday afternoon. The White Sox have hired Paul Janish to be the new head Director of Player Development.

Janish was a Major League Baseball player for a few years and he was a professional player for a total of 13 years. He wasn't a great player but he found a way to carve out 473 MLB games. 9 of those 13 pro years were in MLB. He was with the Cincinnati Reds, Atlanta Braves, and Baltimore Orioles.

Over the last handful of years, however, he was the associate head coach for Rice University's baseball team. That is why this hire is a bit strange. He didn't do anything with a Major League organization as a front office person and now he was just given the keys to the White Sox farm system.

They are going from Getz to Janish which is straight-up wild. The White Sox keeps giving jobs to underqualified people and then wonder why things don't work. He could in theory prove everyone wrong but nobody is anticipating that right now.

Hopefully, this works out but don't expect the White Sox to be good at the MLB or MiLB level for a long time. At least he isn't associated with the Kansas City Royals in any way.

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