White Sox News: This Liam Hendriks update isn't as bad as we thought

Chicago White Sox v New York Yankees
Chicago White Sox v New York Yankees / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox missed Liam Hendriks for the majority of the season so far. He was absent due to a return from cancer treatment.

He did since come back and it was one of the greatest moments in franchise history. Some things are bigger than baseball.

Liam, in terms of baseball, has had some up-and-down appearances with the White Sox. It is amazing just to see him out there but he obviously wants to get back to being an elite closer.

Well, that is going to have to wait a little bit as he is on the injured list because of some elbow inflammation. That is always something that is going to worry people.

Liam Hendriks didn't have structural damage in his pitching elbow.

Luckily, the White Sox announced before Tuesday night's game that he doesn't have any structural damage to his elbow which is incredible news.

If that were the case, Hendriks' time with the White Sox could have very well been done. They are not a good team so everybody's future is in doubt as it is. It would make it even worse if he was out for the rest of the year.

It is not a lock that he will return any time soon but it is still good news that there is no structural damage. Even if his time with the White Sox is in fact done, he will leave knowing his health is at the top of everyone's mind.

if Hendriks does return, that would obviously be a boost for the White Sox both on and off the field. They need him in their bullpen if they are going to come back this year.

The unfortunate thing for everybody is that he could come back and they still fall way short. Maybe, just maybe, he could be traded to a contender if he is good to pitch down the stretch. We will see.

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