White Sox News: This video of Oscar Colas' reaction is so heartwarming

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The Chicago White Sox have had some interesting times with right fielders in recent history. Not much has panned out in that area so it would be nice to see that issue get fixed sooner rather than later.

They are hoping that Oscar Colas can be that guy in the long term. He came into spring training hoping to prove that he deserves to get a chance at the job as early as Opening Day. Well, the lineup for the first game hasn't come out but we do know that he will be on the roster.

This is amazing news for him and his family. Oscar Colas is a Major League Baseball player. The White Sox put a video up on Twitter of him finding out and it was a heartwarming thing to watch.

He went and received some congratulations from fellow teammates and even made a couple of sweet phone calls to his family. Seeing guys realize their dreams in the big leagues is something that will never get old.

The Chicago White Sox need Oscar Colas to have a good rookie year.

Making the team with the White Sox in spring training was the easiest part for Colas. He is an incredibly talented baseball player who was always going to get this chance.

Now comes the really hard part though. He has to play well enough to stick in this league which very few people in the world get to do. It will be fun to see him progress from a prospect making the team to a full-time Major League starter (assuming he is good enough to do so).

The sky is the limit for Colas who will have a lot of talent surrounding him. He should be able to play good enough defense to solidify the outfield while chipping in offensively. That is what the White Sox want to see from him in 2023.

He was so sentimental about making the team which speaks volumes about how important this is to him. He wants to be in the big leagues very badly and he will do what he needs to in order to stick around. Everyone should be as excited as he is.

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