White Sox News: This White Sox infielder has been dominant lately

Los Angeles Angels v Chicago White Sox
Los Angeles Angels v Chicago White Sox / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox have some very talented players. Although they aren't a winning baseball team, there are plenty of interesting players to watch.

Nobody ever confused Romy Gonzalez to be one of those players but now might be the time to start. He has been with the club for a little while now but he never stuck in the long term.

For a while, it didn't look like he was going to ever be a good hitter in the league. He did come into spring training with some hype as the second baseman. Rick Hahn made it seem like the next Jose Altuve was coming in at second.

Then the team signed Elvis Andrus to be the second baseman and all the Romy talk went away for a while. They even used Hanser Alberto more than him to begin the year.

Well, he has lately been given an opportunity in place of Andrus who is on the Injured List. He has taken that chance and ran with it.

Romy Gonzalez has been great for the Chicago White Sox this season.

Over the last few weeks, Gonzalez has been amazing. He isn't a star or anything like that but he is just hitting well. He was a big part of the Chicago White Sox's win on Tuesday night.

Romy Gonzalez had two hits and one of them was a big home run that gave the White Sox a little bit of breathing room on the scoreboard.

That made it the third game in a row that he hit a home run which is incredibly impressive. The first of the three home runs came in Detroit too which is a very difficult place to hit big time home runs.

If this Romy Gonzalez keeps showing up to the field and the rest of the team continues to hit, he will be a great depth piece on this squad. It never hurts to see a guy come out from the depth of the organization and make an impact.

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