White Sox News: Tommy La Stella is available to consider

Chicago Cubs v San Francisco Giants
Chicago Cubs v San Francisco Giants / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are a team that really could use an upgrade at the second base position. There have been some good options available to them this off-season but they have decided to go with none of them. It sounds like Romy Gonzalez and Lenyn Sosa are the guys going forward.

That is probably a mistake as neither of them has done what it takes to instill the confidence that they can be full-time difference makers. Going out and getting someone to fill the hole, for now, would be a great idea.

Jean Segura was the best available option but he was just picked up by the Miami Marlins on Wednesday. Now, it appears to be even more clear that the internal options are going to be what they end up going with. It is a shame but the White Sox don't really act like a winning organization.

Someone just became available, however, that might make them want to consider sticking with internal options. The San Francisco Giants announced that they have designated Tommy La Stella for assignment. This is to clear a roster spot for Taylor Rogers.

Tommy La Stella would actually make a lot of sense for the White Sox.

La Stella had a down year for the Giants in 2022 but he is the perfect candidate for the Chicago White Sox. He is a second baseman and he is also a left-handed hitter. The White Sox need help in both of those departments so it would just be the perfect match.

He certainly wouldn't be a needle mover or anything like that but he should be someone who comes in and provides a nice veteran presence while also giving the White Sox help in those two aforementioned areas that they need help.

La Stella also has experience with both the American League and the city of Chicago. He had a cup of coffee with the Los Angeles Angels and the Oakland A's. He also played with the Chicago Cubs for four seasons which is the most of any team he's been with. It seems like a natural fit.

La Stella was on that 2016 Cubs team that won the World Series so there is plenty of experience that would come to town with him. He might not be the long-term answer but he is a stop-gap worth considering for the White Sox.

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