White Sox News: Trevor Bauer is available and a bad idea

San Francisco Giants v Los Angeles Dodgers
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Trevor Bauer is now officially available. The Los Angeles Dodgers couldn't find a trade partner for him which is not surprising. As a result of that, he is now a free agent. He is someone that the Chicago White Sox should never consider for a variety of reasons.

The first and most important reason is that he is not a good dude. The things that he is accused of are horrible and nobody like that should ever be on a Major League roster. The White Sox should have no business signing a guy like that.

From a baseball point of view, he hasn't pitched in close to two years. There is no guarantee that he is going to come back and be the guy that he was prior to all of this. Yes, he was one of the best pitchers in the league at the time of his departure from the dodgers but that was a long time ago.

He is going to be cheap but you can't put a price on doing the right thing as an organization. It would be a bad look in every way for the White Sox if they made a move like this. There is no place for that on this team, regardless of how well he throws a ball.

The Chicago White Sox should stay very faraway from Trevor Bauer.

The White Sox have plenty of pitchers on the team and they don't need Bauer. Although Mike Clevinger's character is questionable, he has never been accused of these types of things that Bauer has.

With guys like Dylan Cease, Michael Kopech, Lucas Giolito, and Lance Lynn there, they have no need for a guy like Bauer. Every one of those pitchers is a question mark in terms of pitching (except for Dylan Cease) but they are all better representations of the White Sox on and off the field.

There is a reason that a team like the Dodgers have let him go. They can afford whatever they want and they still said goodbye to Bauer after all of this. There is also a reason that no team took him off their hands via a trade. He just isn't worth it. Hopefully, the White Sox stay far away.

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