White Sox News: Yasmani Grandal makes some interesting comments about 2022 and beyond

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The Chicago White Sox had a terrible year in 2022. They went 81-81 which is actually a good record when you think about how literally everything went wrong for them. It felt like a 60 win team that found a way to go .500.

A big reason for that was the play of Yasmani Grandal. He was absolutely terrible. He was MVP-level good in 2021, especially in the second half. As a result, the way that he played in 2022 has made him among the most disappointing players in the league.

Grandal seems to know it and accept it. He went on the White Sox Talk Podcast with Chuck Garfien of NBC Sports Chicago this week and spoke about everything.

He touched on everything from last season's disappointment, his current off-season, the fact that he is now in a contract year, and much more. It was a very interesting conversation as he was incredibly honest about it all.

Yasmani Grandal was very honest with his analysis of 2022 and the future.

Grandal said that he is working out with Paul Goodman who is a strength and conditioning coach with the Chicago Blackhawks. By doing this, he is hoping to get his body back to where it was before the 2021 season when he was last fully healthy.

We know that he has been one of the best offensive catchers in the league when healthy so seeing him have something like that would be amazing for the White Sox.

Grandal clearly, based on what he said on the podcast, believes that he and the White Sox can bounce back in 2023 as long as everyone puts the work in. He made sure to note how important Tim Anderson is to their success which in interesting to think about. Grandal would know.

A lot of people are out on the former All-Star catcher and maybe it is justified. He was brutal in 2022. However, don't be surprised if he improves again in 2023 as long as he is healthy. He might not be 2021 Grandal anymore but he can be a pretty good second-half-of-the-batting-order type of guy still.

The White Sox, like Grandal, need a lot to go well in order for these things to happen but they are clearly trying to improve ahead of the 2023 season. We can only hope that some of these positive thoughts come to fruition.

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