White Sox News: Yoan Moncada is hitting the injured list once again

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The Chicago White Sox can't ever seem to catch a break when it comes to injuries. One of the main reasons for that statement is the constant health issues for Yoan Moncada.

Moncada has been one of the most disappointing players in the history of the White Sox. He was the number-one prospect in all of baseball for a long time.

Since then, he had a couple of flashes of greatness but has mostly been a bust. Now he is bad and injured which is never a good combination.

On Thursday, the White Sox placed Yoan Moncada on the Injured List. This is not good news for him or the team.

The Chicago White Sox will be without Yoan Moncada for a while.

Although he is not all that, he is still an average Major League Baseball player that is going to be replaced on the roster by someone worse. Yoan Moncada might be a bust but he is significantly better than Zach Remillard.

In terms of playing time, however, this should ensure that Jake Burger gets more at-bats for a while. That is obviously the only good news that will come out of this.

Burger, at this point in time, is significantly better than Yoan Moncada. He might not have quite as good of a glove on defense but he is way better with the bat.

When Moncada comes back, Burger should still be considered the better player and higher on the third base depth chart.

Just because Moncada was the number one prospect and makes more money doesn't mean that he deserves the respect of all this playing time. He hasn't earned it.

Of course, the White Sox want Moncada to be healthy. Who knows, maybe this issue is the reason that he hasn't been good lately. If that is the case, he should be away until his health is back to 100 percent.

We saw how good Moncada can be at the World Baseball Classic last spring but that was about it for him in 2023.

We can only hope that he gets back to that level at some point but don't count on it any time soon. At this point, we have to hope that he gets back to any level at some point.

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