White Sox projected lineup after 2023 Trade Deadline

Cleveland Guardians v Chicago White Sox
Cleveland Guardians v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox have struggled for a couple of years now. Part of it has been players in the starting lineup not reaching their potential or gelling as a unit.

Now, after the trade deadline, things might feel a little bit different. They are not going to the playoffs but they can try to all find their swing so that they are feeling good going into the off-season.

It is never easy to be a hitter on a team like this but people should see it as playing for a job. The 2024 White Sox could look very different so they should want to play well now in 2023.

This is what the starting lineup should look like on most days now that the trade deadline is in the past:

1. Tim Anderson - SS

2. Andrew Benintendi - LF

3. Andrew Vaughn - 1B

4. Luis Robert Jr. - CF

5. Eloy Jimenez - DH

6. Yoan Moncada - 3B

7. Oscar Colas - RF

8. Yasmani Grandal/Seby Zavala - C

9. Elvis Andrus - 2B

The Chicago White Sox don't have the best batting order anymore.

This is what the lineup should look like on most days when the team is healthy. Tim Anderson has earned the leadoff spot back and Andrew Benintendi should be going right behind him.

With Jake Burger gone, Andrew Vaughn, Luis Robert Jr., and Eloy Jimenez are the top three power hitters on the team so they should be in the middle.

You can only hope that Yoan Moncada and Oscar Colas continue to improve while Yasmani Grandal and Seby Zavala split catching duties for the rest of the season. With Burger not there to learn second anymore, they should just run Andrus there in the nine spot of the lineup.

The fact that this lineup is bad is sad because there is a ton of good players there that just haven't reached their potential in this league. Hopefully, they can all play well to end the year so that the returning players can help them succeed in 2024.

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