White Sox promotional schedule for 2024 MLB Season: Every giveaway & how to get tickets

The Chicago White Sox plan to hook fans up during the 2024 season.
Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox / Mike McGinnis/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox 2024 season is almost underway as the team reports to Spring Training sooner than it seems. One of the best parts of the new season is to see what the White Sox are giving away for attending games.

While this season might not be the one that many were hoping for, it's a good time to catch a game for a good price and bring home a promotion item. The crazy White Sox fans have no issues waiting in line hours before the game in the freezing cold to get these items.

As we can see from the White Sox official website, the team has many promotional offers. That includes a tote bag, hoodies, hockey jersey, bobbleheads, basketball jersey, throwback jersey vest, and much more.

I'm expecting the basketball, hockey, and football jerseys to be a big hit for White Sox fans. The tote bag and other items are fun, but the clothing looks amazing in the released photos.

How to get White Sox Bobbleheads for 2024: Schedule and Details

According to the official White Sox website, they're only doing one bobblehead night this season. While disappointing, at least it's a Luis Robert Jr. bobblehead.

If you want the young stars bobblehead, you must be one of the first 20,000 fans on May 25th as the team takes on the Baltimore Orioles at 1:10 PM CT.

Not only do you get a bobblehead, but you'll get to watch one of the best teams in baseball in the Orioles.

Tickets are as cheap as $7 on the secondary market, so don't forget to buy your tickets and get to the ballpark. Once people find out about the awesome Robert Jr. bobblehead, the ticket prices might increase.

The Chicago White Sox put together fun ideas for the fans and will make coming to the games a joy.