White Sox Rumors: 4 players they must DFA following the drama

Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Guardians
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The Chicago White Sox are a very bad not good baseball team. On top of a poor showing on the field this year, there seems to be tons of dysfunction.

Following a trade deadline that saw tons of good players shipped out for prospects (clearly thinking about the future), the White Sox have had a terrible time.

It started with Keynan Middleton's comments about the organization followed by tons of chatter about certainly people not doing what they need to do as a teammate.

There was even a brawl on the field that took place over the weekend that made the team look brutal in every way.

Following all of this drama, there needs to be a house cleaning. Of course, all of the people in charge need to go but these four players specifically should be shown the door via a DFA:

1. Yoan Moncada

The Chicago White Sox have been failed by Yoan Moncada in every way.

The Chicago White Sox had a lot of faith in Yoan Moncada at one point. When he came to the organization in the Chris Sale deal, he was the number one prospect in all of baseball. 

When watching him play, it was easy to understand the hype. He was productive but he also clearly had all of the tools of a star. It was a very exciting time when he first came over. 

Unfortunately, he hasn’t lived up to the hype. He looked like he was going to get there in 2019 when he was amazing but things started to slow down from there. He had a good year in 2021 but has only regressed more since. 

Now, his name was dropped as someone who doesn’t work hard and just gets by. He has the talent but he has no interest in doing anything with it. Injuries have played a role but he has done nothing to better himself. 

If the White Sox DFA’d him right now, that would actually help the culture of the team. Someone replacing him would probably want to be there a lot more than he does.