White Sox Rumors: Adam Duvall might be worth signing this off-season

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It is unlikely that the Chicago White Sox make another signing this off-season but there are still good players out there that they should be considering. One of them is an outfielder named Adam Duvall. He is a former Gold Glove Award winner, All-Star, and World Series champion.

His All-Star season came in 2017 as a member of the Cincinnati Reds but most of his other success stories came as a member of the Atlanta Braves. Now, he is looking for a new Major League Baseball home and he would be perfect as a fourth outfielder for the White Sox.

The Sox are for sure going to have Andrew Benintendi in left, Luis Robert in center, and Oscar Colas in right. It is a nice group but they need to prove thier health and consistency (especially Colas who has yet to play in a Major League Baseball Game). The team is clearly high on this outfield.

Duvall had a somewhat down year in 2022 but has shown the ability to help good teams win in recent years. In addition to the Braves and Reds, he has had a cup of coffee with the San Francisco Giants and Miami Marlins.

The Chicago White Sox could use some more help with outfield depth.

He is probably looking for a home that has a chance to win and regardless of what people think, the White Sox have a chance to win. It might not be the chance that we thought they'd be giving in 2022 a few years ago but they are trying to be a good team. Duvall might help.

Benintendi is the highest paid player in the history of the team and Luis Robert is the most talented player in the organization. Duvall would be brought in to be an injury replacement and someone who can help Colas out with right field. It would be fun to see him bring that experience.

We also know that the White Sox could use a second baseman and that might be a more pressing need. However, you can never have too many players that can help you win. Duvall might be a guy that can help them do that.

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