White Sox Rumors: Another reliever could be traded away

Chicago White Sox v Atlanta Braves
Chicago White Sox v Atlanta Braves / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are full-blown sellers. We have pretty much known that was going to be their fate since the end of April but now we are seeing it happen before our eyes

It started by trading away Lucas Giolito, one of the team's most consistent pitchers since his breakout year in 2019. Outside of one subpar 2022 season, he has been truly great. 

They sent Reynaldo Lopez to the Los Angeles Angels with Giolito in the same trade. These two were traded together to the White Sox in 2016 and have now been sent away again. 

Later in the week, the White Sox traded Lance Lynn to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Since coming to the White Sox, he has been a great player with the perfect “Southside attitude”. 

The Chicago White Sox have traded a few different relief pitchers so far.

Going to the Dodgers with Lynn is Joe Kelly. The funny thing is, Kelly has been with the Dodgers before including 2020 when they won the World Series. These two should have some success there. 

Kelly isn’t the only White Sox reliever traded back to his old team. The Sox also sent Kendall Graveman to the Houston Astros. That means three good relievers from the bullpen have been sent away. 

The White Sox might not be done trading relievers. Jon Morosi of MLB Network is reporting they might be interested in trading Keynan Middleton. Of course, he has been brilliant since the White Sox brought him in. 

As we have seen, teams love trading away good assets for good relievers. The White Sox would like to get that done with someone like Middleton who has had a great year. 

This is the White Sox in 2023. They had a lot of good players to move for prospects that could make an impact in the future. Hopefully, they get something good for Middleton who can really help a contender. 

Because of his great season so far, people have really come to like Middleton. It would be more fun to see his great season turn into a playoff success story but instead he will help the future of the White Sox. It is what it is.

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