White Sox Rumors: It appears that Dylan Cease may stick around after all

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The Chicago White Sox are a full-blown seller at this point. Pretty much everyone in the organization is available which is a sign that the team is clearly going through a retool.

It might not be a full-blown rebuild as it was at the end of 2016 but there are changes being made. They have already shipped out some players and more could be coming.

A lot of people have wondered about the status of Dylan Cease this trade season. There have been conflicting reports about what the White Sox want to do with him.

However, on Tuesday, a report from Jon Heyman of the New York Post suggested that the White Sox might be hanging onto Dylan Cease after all.

The Chicago White Sox might not move Dylan Cease after all.

That isn't because they refuse to trade him though. That is because the price to get him is so high and teams aren't willing to pay that for a starter right now.

To be honest, the price for Cease should be high. They should only move him for two top 100 guys in addition to some other help otherwise it should be no deal.

Now, Heyman's report does tell that this is coming from rival team's predictions. That means anything could still happen.

He also makes it known that he believes the price to acquire Cease should be high. This is a young superstar starting pitcher with multiple years of control left. The White Sox should certainly not trade him just to trade him.

It would be cool to see Dylan Cease go to a contender and have a chance to win a World Series. It would also be a situation where the White Sox are adding some premium talent in his place.

It would also be cool to see Cease stick with the team and be built around. His future is cloudy because of his agent but he is elite and should be treated as such.

Jon Heyman has good sources usually but literally anything can change before 5 PM CT. Cease is the most polarizing player on the White Sox roster right now because of all of this but the hope should be that the White Sox do whatever is necessary to brighten the future.

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