White Sox Rumors: Chris Getz may be getting the "decision maker" job

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The Chicago White Sox have had a rough month. On top of being a bad baseball team, there have been locker room issues, fights on the field, rumors of moving away, shootings in the stadium, and ownership issues.

Now, it would just be nice to see this team start to head in the right direction. However, it seems like there is more falling to do before they rise above again.

One bright spot in August was the firing of Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams. Those two guys are responsible for a lot of issues that have gone on with the Sox over the last decade.

Unfortunately, in typical White Sox fashion, even good news like that has been tainted. It sounds as if the White Sox are going to hire Chris Getz as a single decision decision-maker.

The Chicago White Sox may announce the hiring of Chris Getz on Friday.

This is bad news for a variety of reasons. For one, it is the White Sox making an internal hire. They should absolutely not be doing that.

The way that they have done things over the last decade or so is wrong and should be changed. Nothing they've done during that time has led to winning so it is time for change.

Chris Getz doesn't even deserve the job he currently has in the minor leagues as the assistant GM and head of player development. Now, he is going to be the head of the White Sox decision-making team.

That just doesn't make any sense. This is going to likely be Rick Hahn 2.0. Jerry Reinsdorf likes him and trusts him which is not a really endearing fact.

It is nice that the White Sox will have one decision-maker and not too many cooks in the kitchen but Getz just doesn't feel like the right guy for this.

It would be nice to be wrong. The White Sox are an amazingly rich franchise that goes back over a century and they don't act like it. Being a good team should be important to them but it doesn't feel like it is.

If Chris Getz does a good job and proves everyone wrong, it will be a welcomed change. Until that happens, it is hard to see.

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