White Sox Rumors: Dylan Cease goes to Astros in these 3 trade packages

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There has been a lot of dialogue about Chicago White Sox starting pitching being traded. Of course, Lucas Giolito leads that conversation followed by Lance Lynn.

One player that is not getting all that much attention on the trade market in terms of rumors is Dylan Cease.

Of course, Cease has the brightest future of any pitcher in the White Sox organization for a variety of reasons so he is the least tradable right now.

However, there are rumors out there of a certain team is very much interested in getting him right now. That team is the Houston Astros. They see Cease as a dream acquisition.

It doesn't feel likely that the White Sox would move Cease right now but if they did, the trade package might look like one of these three:

1. Trade One

The Chicago White Sox and Houston Astros have options here.

Trade 1 astros cease

Dylan Cease is one of the best pitchers in the American League. He has come back down from his Cy Young runner-up season that he had in 2022 but he is still a very good pitcher.

He has also gotten better over the last few weeks from the start of the season which is what a team like the Astros is looking at.

If they wanted him, however, they'd have to pay. In this package, there are three of the Astros' top-ten prospects and every trade here is going to be like that.

The White Sox aren't just going to trade Cease for no reason. They better be getting a big return. Drew Gilbert is their number one prospect and he is an outfielder. He is number 71 in the entire league so getting one top-100 guy is a good thing.

Pedro Leon and Colton Gordon are number six and number eight respectively. They are good players at their position but it would take some more development for a trade like this to be worth it for the White Sox.

This is a heavy return for the Astros for Cease and it still might not be enough for the White Sox to give up Cease.