White Sox Rumors: Mike Rizzo is not available as a GM candidate

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The Chicago White Sox made a big change last week. They fired Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams. Now, they will be looking for replacements.

There have been lots of rumors that come out since. One of the leaders of that rumor brigade has been Bob Nightengale of USA Today.

He has been wrong about a lot of things lately so you can't even really say that his reports are anything other than rumors at this point.

On Friday, Nightengale took to Twitter to announce that Mike Rizzo will not be leaving the Washington Nationals.

According to him, the World Series Champion executive is working on his next title and will be getting his contract extension soon.

The Chicago White Sox won't have Mike Rizzo as their next GM.

Again, until someone else reports it, it is hard to believe it as fact. Nightengale is clearly putting this out there following the rumors that he may be considered for the White Sox.

He'd be a great hire for the White Sox but if this report is right, he just isn't an option right now. A guy that has recently won a World Series in a smaller market is very appealing.

He has been amazing in his career. Even though Bryce Harper left them in free agency, the Nationals won the World Series in 2019 thanks to amazing performances from guys like Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg, Juan Soto, and Anthony Rendon amongst others. It was a proud moment for the franchise.

Instead, they are probably going to go with someone completely unqualified but that is a story for another day.

Rizzo would have to come to want to come to Chicago for this to even be a discussion. It sounds like he is very happy in Washington and deserves to try another rebuild. He was successful once before.

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