White Sox Rumors: Pedro Grifol may still be back in 2024

Chicago White Sox v Atlanta Braves
Chicago White Sox v Atlanta Braves / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are a team in transition once again. They realized that the rebuild isn’t working and has completely failed. It is not a pretty sight. 

On Tuesday night, they shocked the baseball world when they announced that Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams were both fired. That is not something anyone saw coming. 

There are some rumors out there about their next course of action but there doesn’t seem to be anybody that knows exactly what to expect. Only Jerry Reinsdorf truly knows what he wants to do. 

Bob Nightengale reported that Tony La Russa was going to come back as a consultant and that Chris Getz was getting the GM job. Well, none of that seems to have come true yet. It still may but it might not.

The Chicago White Sox are evaluating a lot of decisions right now.

People in the baseball world have started to take Nightengale’s information with a grain of salt because of his history of putting out bad information. 

He is usually pretty spot-on with the White Sox but that may not be the case here. The reason this is important, however, is that he said Pedro Grifol will be back to manage this team again in 2024. 

This is bad if the White Sox actually ends up doing it. There is no reason to keep Pedro Grifol in any capacity. He should be gone the second the season is over. 

Rick Hahn hired Grifol and now he is gone. Keeping Grifol would be rewarding one of Hahn’s last mistakes. He needs to follow him out the door. 

If Grifol came in and did a really good job, it might be worth keeping him despite firing Hahn. However, that has not been the case. His bullpen management, lineups, and other big-game strategy decisions have been awful. 

He could become a good Major League manager one day but that time is not right now with the White Sox. That would only come in time and this will be a valuable experience for him.

Don’t count on them making the right choice here. It is obvious that Grifol should be fired too but the White Sox have been on a run of bad decisions lately. It would be nice to find out that this was just another Bob Nightengale blemish.

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