White Sox Rumors: The Reds are interested in Lucas Giolito and Lance Lynn

Cincinnati Reds v Chicago White Sox
Cincinnati Reds v Chicago White Sox / Jonathan Daniel/GettyImages

Earlier today, a report came out from MLB's Jon Morosi that the NL Central-leading Cincinnati Reds have contacted the Chicago White Sox about their starting pitchers.

Lucas Giolito is currently in the last year of his contract, meaning he will be used as a rental option if dealt by the end of the 2023 Trade Deadline.

Lance Lynn has an 18-million-dollar option following the 2023 season, meaning if he is acquired by another club, the team will have the opportunity to bring him back in 2024.

Giolito and Lynn are the two big starting pitching White Sox targets when it comes to other teams being interested. Based on how the season has gone, it wouldn't be surprising if both departed from the south side of Chicago by August 1st.

Lucas Giolito and Lance Lynn might be traded at some point this month.

While it's improbable that the two will be dealt to the same team in the same trade, the Cincinnati Reds have pieces to give back to the White Sox in return for either Giolito or Lynn (or both).

With Giolito having more value at the moment when it comes to talent, the Reds would need to give up a decent haul if they want the Los Angeles native. Chase Petty, the seventh-best-ranked prospect in the Red's farm system, is a big name that could ring a bell.

Petty is a 6-1 190-pound starting pitcher who is expected to get to the major leagues in 2025. He was sitting at triple digits during his high school days and if he develops an off-speed arsenal, he could potentially be a big-league starter for an extended period of time.

It would most likely take a couple more pieces outside of Petty for Giolito but nothing significantly more major.

Giolito has also been linked to Los Angeles Dodgers who have good prospects to choose from as well.

For Lance Lynn, the same type of haul in return would be ideal but based on his performance this season, the organization may not get the deals they are looking for.

Whether it's the veteran presence he can provide or the fact that a trade grants the other team club-option access, the White Sox aren't going to deal Lynn for dimes and pennies.

While it's still all just reported rumors, there's a chance that both of them could be traded sooner than later. For the fans of the White Sox, the best advice to give is to enjoy them while they are here and hope the organization makes the right choices during these next couple of weeks.

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