White Sox Rumors: This report about their front-office is nasty

Cleveland Indians v Chicago White Sox
Cleveland Indians v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox fired Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams earlier this month. It spoke volumes about the team because they never really make moves like this. 

Unfortunately, it seems like they are going to be making bad decisions to follow that taint the firing of Hahn and Williams. This is not a smart franchise. 

Not long after the move was made, Bob Nightengale reported that Chris Getz was going to be the guy for the job. Of course, that would be bad news for the White Sox. 

He is barely qualified to do the job he currently has let alone being the GM of the MLB franchise. It would essentially be hiring Rick Hahn’s clone to come in and do it. Nothing would change. 

The Chicago White Sox are going to make a really bad decision here.

Literally, nothing is good about the White Sox as a franchise. Why would they want to promote from within if those guys have done anything noteworthy? 

This got even worse on Tuesday when Jon Morosi put his recent report out there. The White Sox already look bad for a variety of different reasons and now it seems like this is actually going to come to fruition. 

He has reported that the White Sox are going to promote from within. Of course, that could be a few people (in theory) but it is for sure Chris Getz.

Morosi even mentions Getz and credits Nightengale for being the first to say his name. That is something the White Sox should just avoid doing. 

Whoever it is in the end has a lot of work to do. It is going to be a very difficult task. There are very important needs in every area of the game.  

There are so many things that have gone wrong this season. This team needs an off-the-field win really badly.  If the White Sox make an internal note, that will not be the case. 

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