White Sox Rumors: Rick Hahn wanted to quit all along

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There are all sorts of disappointing things going on around the Chicago White Sox right now. Of course, there are problems with the players, the front office, and everything in between.

On Tuesday, the White Sox fired both Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams. That news sent shockwaves across the Chicago White Sox world.

Now, we are learning things about the situation that are straight-up bad. The dynamic between Jerry Reinsdorf, Rick Hahn, and Kenny Williams makes it easy to see why the White Sox are so bad.

On Wednesday, David Kaplan of ESPN 1000 gave a report on air that will disturb all White Sox fans. He claims that Rick Hahn wanted out a long time ago and tried to resign.

The Chicago White Sox are a mess and have been for a long time.

Apparently, Reinsdorf told him that he still had several years left on his deal and that he would not let him get a job with another team.

This would make sense for Jerry to do if he was doing everything right as an owner. However, he doesn't allow the salary of the roster to exceed a certain limit and he forced Tony La Russa in everyone's face.

It is no wonder that Rick Hahn wanted to leave. He was not being dealt the hand he needed to be a good job. Now, he did not handle it well and made horrible moves. With all of this information in mind though, it is clear that it was not all his fault.

Don't be very surprised if Hahn goes to another organization and has success. The rebuild was on track to work until he was handcuffed by Reinsdorf and La Russa.

It also doesn't sound like the communication between Hahn and Williams was good either. Clearly, there were too many cooks in the kitchen.

If Jerry Reinsdorf doesn't figure out what doesn't work in Major League Baseball, the White Sox are going to continue to be a clown show on and off the field.

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