White Sox Rumors: These 3 people must be fired ASAP

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages
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The Chicago White Sox are in a very bad way right now. They have bad reports coming out from every which direction that make the organization look terrible.

According to reports and our eyeballs, there have been on and off-the-field physical altercations with teammates and opponents, people missing practice and meetings, and people falling asleep in the bullpen when not pitching.

All of these things are terrible for the team as they should have been into their contention window right now. By 2023, the White Sox should have had at least one deep playoff run in their back pockets and preparing for another one.

Instead, they were sellers at the deadline and now have all this drama while being 20+ games under .500. We can't even enjoy a win over the New York Yankees.

These are the three people that the drama should force to be fired:

1. Rick Hahn

Rick Hahn should have been fired a long time ago for multiple reasons.

The Chicago White Sox should have fired Rick Hahn for baseball-related reasons a long time ago. It isn't his fault that Jerry Reinsdorf is a bad owner or that Tony La Russa was shoved into the situation but he didn't do anything to do well in spite of all that.

He has made mostly bad decisions in his trading, free-agent acquisitions, and everything else in between. He is the face of the rebuild that has failed.

Now, the players that he constructed the roster with are failing and have turned the locker room into a toxic place. He should absolutely not be the man in charge going forward.

He probably shouldn't have been leading the trade deadline purge but now after all of this drama it is all but certain that he should be gone right now.