White Sox Rumors: This trade takes the Dodgers out of the Tim Anderson sweepstakes

Chicago White Sox v Atlanta Braves
Chicago White Sox v Atlanta Braves / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are trade deadline sellers. They don’t win a lot of baseball games and that is why they are going to go through a roster reconstruction before August 1st. 

One player that might not survive the deadline with this team is Tim Anderson. There are tons of teams out there that could use an outstanding player like Anderson. 

Some of them would have him play shortstop and some would have him move over to second base. Either way, he’d likely be heading to a team playing meaningful baseball down the stretch. 

One team that would certainly have him stick it out as a shortstop would be the Los Angeles Dodgers. Now, however, it is pretty clear that the Dodgers are out of the Tim Anderson sweepstakes. 

There was a big trade that could impact the Chicago White Sox.

On Tuesday, the Boston Red Sox sent Kike Hernandez to the Dodgers. In exchange, the Red Sox got RHP Nick Robertson and minor league RHP Justin Hagenman in the deal. 

Hernandez is someone that will play shortstop for them going forward. He can also play some other positions but it makes sense to use him there. 

Now, the Dodgers don’t need Tim Anderson anymore. That is kind of a shame because of the fact that the Dodgers have a few prospects that would work very well for the White Sox. 

If Rick Hahn wants to move Tim Anderson, it is going to be tough. Teams would love to have him but nobody is overpaying for him because of the asking price. Before these last few weeks where he has been excellent, he was awful which doesn’t help the need for him on the market. 

This whole situation is very bad for the White Sox. One of the teams that could give the White Sox the best return for their best player is now out on him. The White Sox should not trade him just to trade him. The return should carry some value. 

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