White Sox Rumors: Tim Anderson becomes a 2nd baseman in one of these 3 trade packages

Chicago White Sox v New York Mets
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The Chicago White Sox are all in on selling, it seems. All of the rumors surrounding them make it seem obvious that some good players are going to be moved.

One of those good players might be Tim Anderson. Of course, before this year, he was consistently one of the two best-position players on the team.

This 2023 season has been a struggle and now it seems as if he is going to be traded at the deadline. That is tough.

Anderson is a shortstop by nature but he showed he can play some second base at the World Baseball Classic. He wasn't going to play shortstop over Trea Turner but they wanted his bat in the lineup so he played second.

The Chicago White Sox could trade Tim Anderson at any point now.

Now, teams out there know he can at least be a halfway decent second baseman. It isn't like he is this elite shortstop anyway that needs to be kept at that position.

According to some reports earlier, Anderson could go to a team specifically needing him to play second base. That would obviously change things a bit for him.

He is a quality hitter but changing positions on defense on a regular basis is very difficult and a tough ask. If he made this decision to do that though, he'd have a chance to play meaningful baseball down the stretch. In most cases, he'd be able to play in the Major League Baseball postseason.

If Anderson is traded to a good team so he could play second base, the deal might look something like this: