White Sox Scapegoats: 1 player to release, 1 to trade for pennies, 1 to keep around

Chicago White Sox v Atlanta Braves
Chicago White Sox v Atlanta Braves / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages
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The Chicago White Sox are in a world of hurt right now. After being swept by the Minnesota Twins this weekend, things are as bad as they’ve been in a long time. 

The Sox have no chance of making the playoffs and July isn’t even over yet. That is not what was supposed to happen right in the middle of their self-declared “contention window”. 

Now, the trade deadline is approaching and some big decisions have to be made. The Sox are almost certainly going to be big-time sellers.

There are some players on this team that could get traded and some who have a cloudy future. Of all the everyday position players that could go, there is one they should cut, one they should trade, and one they should really consider holding onto: 

Cut: Elvis Andrus

The Chicago White Sox don't need to have Elvis Andrus anymore.

The Chicago White Sox had some success with Elvis Andrus at the end of the 2022 season. Because of that, it felt like a really wise decision to bring him back for more in 2023.

It was not a wise decision. The team didn’t want to find a younger, more reliable second baseman and settled for the older veteran and this is what happened. The fact that fans were excited about that signing tells you everything you need to know. 

Andrus is a shortstop by nature but he only played it last year because Tim Anderson was out for the year. This year, with Anderson back, he has been playing some second. 

However, having Zach Remillard on the team taking the job over makes much more sense than having Andrus. That is why the team should DFA him now. 

Don’t they need a backup? Well, yeah. There are much better options in AAA right now that may or may not be good. However, it is better than using Andrus who isn’t good and has no future with the team.