White Sox Scapegoats: 1 to fire, 1 to put on the hot seat, and one to be patient with

Los Angeles Angels v Chicago White Sox
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The Chicago White Sox are not in an ideal position right now. They don't win more than they lose and the future isn't particularly bright.

A lot of that has to do with the poor decision-making made by multiple different people. No one person is at fault for this thing not working. Everyone deserves the blame.

Although the players should take some heat, you can't fire them all. Yes, you can make moves to get rid of some but the scapegoats are always front-office people.

There are some scapegoats that should be fired or on the hot seat and some that deserve patience. This is one White Sox person that deserves to be fired, one that deserves that hot seat, and one that people should be patient with:

1. Should be fired: Rick Hahn

Rick Hahn does not deserve to be with the Chicago White Sox anymore.

Rick Hahn has been the general manager of the Chicago White Sox for a long time and very little success has come from it.

It is not his fault that Jerry Reinsdorf went above him and hired Tony La Russa (which was a terrible decision) but that isn't the only reason that this team is bad.

Hahn has made some horrific decisions that can be named as reasons that the rebuild has failed. It looked promising at first but has since fallen off.

He is also someone who doesn't give good answers when talking to the media. He talks like everyone listening is incapable of picking up what is actually going on. It is insulting.

The White Sox would be making a terrible mistake if they let Rick Hahn be the leader of another rebuild.