White Sox see a different rival become AL Central champions in 2023

Los Angeles Angels v Minnesota Twins
Los Angeles Angels v Minnesota Twins / Adam Bettcher/GettyImages

In 2022, the Chicago White Sox were humiliated by the Cleveland Guardians by the end of the season. Cleveland ended up winning the AL Central and it became personal for a lot of the players. Cleveland saw their youth and fundamentals lead them to a division title while the White Sox just assumed they’d win with ease. 

The White Sox deserved their fate. They didn’t play well and the front office didn’t do anything to make the team better. Cleveland was better when it counted and they took the division out from under the White Sox. Sometimes, the harder-working team wins. 

In 2023, people came in assuming the White Sox would bounce back and have a chance at the division again. They were obviously completely wrong. Instead of competing for the AL Central, they are one of the worst teams in baseball. 

The Cleveland Guardians were in the mix for a lot of the season but they also ended up failing. A fight was put up but the Minnesota Twins came out and won it this year. On Friday night, they clinched the AL Central. 

The Minnesota Twins deserve credit for the way that they played this year.

A lot of people believe that this division is the worst in baseball. It probably is but that doesn’t take away from the Twins and what they’ve done this season. They even have a chance at the number two seed and getting a playoff bye. 

Three different teams have now won this division in three years. This is clearly a missed opportunity for the White Sox who expected to be a good team for half a decade at the bare minimum. Now, the Twins get to go to the playoffs feeling good about themselves instead.

Minnesota very well might be the underdog (assuming they are the third seed) in the first round against any of the Wild Card teams but they should not be counted out. 

They have pretty good pitching and a few great hitters that have helped them get it done. Even an old friend like Dallas Keuchel rode this ride with them to the top of the division. It certainly is going to feel good for him after everything that has happened. 

Only time will tell how good they play once the playoffs roll around but they are the winners of the division that the White Sox reside in. Congrats to the Twins, they deserve it. If only the White Sox could become a franchise that always tries hard like them. 

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