The White Sox should hire this freshly available front-office executive

Boston Red Sox Spring Training
Boston Red Sox Spring Training / Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox have been a team in transition this year. The play on the field has been awful and the decision-making has been as bad as it can possibly be during that time

The team decided during the middle of the season that they were going to fire President Kenny Williams and General Manager Rick Hahn. It was a good move for the franchise at the time but some of the events that have taken place since then make it seem less fun.

They have decided to hire Chris Getz to be the new president and GM replacing both Hahn and Williams. This is a guy that didn’t deserve the job he was previously holding and now he doesn’t deserve the job that he currently has once again.

What was the point of firing the former guys if the new guy replacing them is basically just them reincarnated? Hopefully, Getz finds a way to prove us all wrong.

The Chicago White Sox should hire this freshly available executive.

On Thursday, someone became available who might be able to help Chris Getz build a team. The Boston Red Sox have fired Chaim Bloom. He has been with them for a few seasons now where they have been up and down. 

The standard is a little bit different in Boston and rightfully so. They have won four World Series championships since the year 2000. Obviously, simply making the playoffs would be excellent for the Chicago White Sox at this point.

This is a hire that the Chicago White Sox should consider making right now. He might not come in and make them a World Series contender right away but he has a much better résumé than some of the other people that the White Sox can call for help.

Bloom has had success in roles across the league in his life and he is very smart. It wasn’t working in Boston for whatever reason and they let him go. Both sides needed a change. 

It isn’t like they didn’t do anything with him though. They got to the ALCS one time and they made some smart player decisions. For White Sox standards, he’d be great. 

A move like this would not mean that Chris Getz needs to be fired either. Bloom could simply join forces with him. If Getz were the president and Bloom was the GM, that could be something that makes the team better. 

This isn’t a move that is guaranteed to work but neither is keeping Getz all by himself. The White Sox should really be thinking about this along with every other possible move out there. 

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