How the White Sox should rebuild or retool in the off-season

New York Yankees v Chicago White Sox
New York Yankees v Chicago White Sox / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

Let’s face it White Sox fans, the Chicago White Sox are not going to suddenly get hot and win a lot of games in the final couple of months of the season. They are going to continue to struggle and eventually fade away as the season ends.

The 2023 Chicago White Sox are built to go nowhere. From their massive sell-off at the trade deadline to the front office and managerial personnel they have, this team is built with tons of flaws.

And that’s too bad for White Sox fans who were hoping for a lot more out of this season than a sub-.500 performance. They wanted more and deserved more but didn’t get it.

Now begs the question. Should the White Sox tear down everything that they have built over the last few seasons and start over again with a rebuild or should they just make a few slight changes and re-tool the team to become a contender in 2024? What would be the best move for this club?

The Chicago White Sox need to make tons of changes going forward.

Honestly, the team kind of took a rebuilding effort on when they had their fire sale at the end of the trade deadline a couple of weeks ago.

They cleaned, at least partially, their cupboard of pitchers including getting rid of Lance Lynn, Lucas Giolito, and some closers.

They got some prospects back, some pitchers as well as some players at other positions, and now are poised to get something out of their future.

And that might be what the White Sox do in 2024. Build for the future. If the White Sox take a couple of years off to rebuild, they aren’t going to be as competitive as fans would like them to be.

Not that they weren’t too competitive this season but they are going to be one of those teams that just goes through the motions while they acquire more pieces to put in place and build a winner.

The White Sox almost have to tear it down to build it back up again. Granted, they have some good pieces in place, guys like Luis Robert Jr., Andrew Vaughn, and Andrew Benintendi. They can build off those pieces but it will take time.

Ultimately, the best bet for the White Sox is to rebuild the team by taking a couple of years to get all the pieces in place and then make a run for the playoffs.

I know White Sox fans, that hurts but this team is a mess of different personalities, culture issues, and player problems that all need to be fixed before we can seriously consider them a contender.

There may be some extreme measures that are taken to help fix what has been a problem for the past few years. Extreme measures like trading away some of the top talents all the way up to releasing manager Pedro Grifol could all come into play when looking at doing a rebuild.

The Chicago White Sox are a team that needs a lot of internal work done. It might be best just to let go of upper management and let someone else take a fresh stab at building a winner.

Rick Hahn has not worked out well for this team and nothing he is doing is working. The White Sox need a different leader, someone that will build the team right and instill a stronger culture within the organization.

Until the culture changes, this team is not going to be anywhere close to being a contender. And the culture won’t change until wholesale changes are made. 

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