White Sox Rumors: 3 places that the team could move to in Illinois

Los Angeles Angels v Chicago White Sox
Los Angeles Angels v Chicago White Sox / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are going through tons of change. They have already fired Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams so you know some major moves are coming with replacements.

Before that, there were some rumors about the team being sold or possibly relocated. Nobody wants to see them relocate out of Chicago but there could be a chance that they move away from Guaranteed Rate Field at some point. 

On Sunday, Bob Nightengale of USA Today released a piece with some information about possible spots in Illinois where they can move. There are some very interesting places that they may consider. 

Nightengale included these three places: 

1. The United Center area

2. Soldier Field

3. Arlington Heights

The Chicago White Sox could end up moving at some point soon.

All three of those places could end up being better for the White Sox at some point in time. If moving does help get more eyes and revenue on them, it would be worth it.

The United Center area would be a wild ride. Chicago's West Loop has some space but it would be interesting to see where they'd put it.

Of course, Jerry Reinsdorf is a part owner of the United Center as his Chicago Bulls play their home games there. They share it with the Chicago Blackhawks plus a few other non-sports-related events.

Soldier Field might be abandoned by the Chicago Bears soon. If that is the case, it could be an area that the White Sox take advantage of when they are gone.

If the Bears leave Soldier Field, it could mean they are headed to Arlington Heights. That is also the third place that Nightengale mentioned in his piece.

Lots of cities across the country have two major sporting venues right next to each other. If the White Sox and Bears played right next to each other, that would be amazing.

The area is big enough and is going to become a big-time hangout spot soon if a sports team or two move there.

Guaranteed Rate Field is a good spot to watch a baseball game. However, the White Sox might need a big-time change like this.

It would really be nice to see it lead to the franchise becoming a lot more relevant which forces them to try and win more. Nightengale commenting on this may mean something but it could also be absolutely nothing. We will see.

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